Monday, March 24, 2008

The Egg Hunt(s)

Our good friends, the Kvales, had us along on Saturday. Wow, can those Kvales hunt for eggs. Wil didn't quite get into the competitive spirit, he examined each egg carefully, and in the end, he preferred the blue colored eggs to the rest. The girls enjoyed the tea cup ride at the fun center's egg hunt (were we egg hunted for free rides), and a good time was had by all, even Heather and I who imposed a "Mommy tax" on some of the chocolate. Okay, so I can't complain about it when my pants get tooo tight again.

Cuddling the Easter Bunny at The Egg Hunt

So Wil really likes Kitties and bunnies and puppies as 3 year olds normally do. But apparently he also likes ginormous Easter bunny costumes as well. Here he is pictured rubbing his cheek on the bunny's soft "fur" .

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Haircut

David buzzed all of Wil's hair off. Yes, I mean all of it. In the first stage, he resembled Dr. Phil ( like toddler male-pattern baldness). I was somewhat taken aback by the sudden change, but it is much easier to style his head now :) Plus, he was not screaming during the entire haircut like he usually does, so that was worth the sacrifice.