Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Turbo Fire

I recently purchased a Turbo Fire exercise program. Being a long time Turbo Jam fan, I was super excited to try out the newest series from trainer Chalene Johnson.

I am only on my second week, but I can already see changes in my physical strength and energy levels. It comes with a 12 week schedule, all of the 11 workout dvds, fitness guide, "fuel the fire" nutrition guide, and the 5-Day Inferno Plan to
"See how you can lose up to 10 pounds in 5 days".

I love the recipes included in the guides, especially the family sized meals. I recommend the chicken tacos(but I made my own simple pico de gallo instead of using store bought), flank steak (I substituted with London Broil), and the Butternut Squash soup is super easy and yummy!

I really don't need to lose weight as much as I need to get into better shape and eat better. I admit that I drink too much diet soda and eat too much chocolate, so it is about time for me to take better care of myself. Enough with the excuses, it's time for me to Turbo!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Navy Activewear Pants

So, recently I was given the opportunity to try out and share a new pair of Old Navy Activewear pants. I thought I would share a bit about the experience. I got to pick out my own pair in person at Old Navy, and I chose these black Fold-Over Yoga pants, which are not only super comfy, but they are also very flattering. I recommend these pants to anyone who likes to be comfortable while exercising and lounging :) Thanks to Old Navy and for this opportunity!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coupons In June Magazine Issues

Thanks to Super Savin' Momma for this great resource! I have been able to find many of these magazines at our local recycling center. It is totally worth rummaging through other peoples recycling. Last week I was able to save 50% on 2 bags Domino sugar this way, as the grocery store I went to had the sugar on sale AND they doubled both of the .40 coupons I found in old magazines!

And don't forget All You magazine at WalMart. It tons of coupons in each issue :)

Magazine Coupons Available

* Everyday with Rachael Ray:
Page 48 – Save 40% on any one regular priced baking item at Michaels (exp. 7/9/11)
Page 55 – Save 20% at Bed Bath and Beyond (exp. 8/1/11)
Page 67 – Save $1.00 on any Emeril product (exp. 9/30/11)

* Woman’s Day:
Page 110 – Save $1.00 on MidNite or MidNite PM (exp. 11/30/11)

* Good Housekeeping:
Page 63 – Save $1.00 on any Sally Hansen beauty tool purchase of $2 or more (exp. 7/31/11)
Page 91 – Save $5.00 on any 1 Sentry Fiproguard Plus for dogs or cats (exp. 9/30/11)
Page 166 – Save $.55 on any 1 package of Vanity Fair napkins, plates, bowls or cups (exp. 9/29/11)
Page 199 – Save $1.00 on Clear Ears (exp. 9/30/11)

* Ladies Home Journal:
Page 33 – Save $10 plus free shipping at Lands End (exp. 6/15/11)
* Cosmopolitan:
Page 33 – FREE panty at JCPenney (exp. 6/18/11)

* Glamour:
Between pages 46 and 47 – Save $5 when you spend $10 at Ulta (exp. 6/30/11)
Between pages 92 and 93 – Save $2 on any Color Sensational Lipcolor (exp. 7/15/11)
Between pages 104 and 105 – Save $1 on any Garnier Moisturizer or Cleanser (exp. 11/1/11)
Between pages 116 and 117 – Save $.50 on any Carefree Acti-Fresh product (exp. 9/30/11)
Page 145 – Save $1.00 on Herbal Essences or Pantene item, Target coupon (exp. 7/31/11)
Page 145 – Save $1.00 on any Olay item, Target coupon (exp. 7/31/11)
Page 145 – Save $2.00 on any 2 Secret deodorants, body sprays or Venue razors, Target coupon (exp. 7/31/11)

* Cooking Light:
Page 37 – Save $1 on any tea from Traditional Medicinals (exp. 12/31/11)
Page 183 – Save $1 off any Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream (exp. 9/1/11)
Page 202 – Save $1 on 1 bottle of Domino Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar (exp. 7/31/11)

* Family Circle:
Between pages 24 and 25 – Save $5 when you spend $25 at True Value (exp. 7/9/11)
Page 69 – Save $10 when you buy any Comfort Zone product (exp. 12/31/11)
Page 171 – Save $1 on 1 bottle of Domino Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar (exp. 7/31/11)

* Real Simple:
Page 88 – Save $1 on any 4 oz or larger Banana Boat sun care item (Target) (exp. 8/7/11)

* Redbook:
Page 51 – Save $1 on any Sally Hansen beauty tool purchase of $2 or more (exp. 7/31/11)
Page 65 – Save $10 when you spend $50 plus FREE shipping at Lands’ End (exp. 6/15/11)
Page 147 – Save $.55 on any 1 package of Vanity Fair napkins, plates, bowls or cups (exp. 9/29/11)

* Whole Living:
Page 55 – Save $.75 on 1 bottle of Domino Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar (exp. 7/31/11)
Page 63 – Save $1.00 on any tea from Traditional Medicinals (exp. 12/31/11)
Page 79 – Save $2.00 on any size Arniflora Arnica gel (exp. 9/30/11)
* Sunset:
Page 49 – FREE Pint Color Sample from Benjamin Moore (exp. 8/31/11)
Between pages 94 and 95 – Save $1.00 on any Marzetti Simply Dressed Salad Dressing (exp. 7/31/11)

* Country Living:
Between pages 32 and 33 – Save $5 when you spend $25 at True Value (exp. 7/9/11)
* Martha Stewart Living:
Page 87 – Save 40% on any one regular price Martha Stewart Crafts scrapbooking item at Michaels (exp. 6/30/11)

* Marie Claire:
Between pages 84 and 85 – Save $2 on any Garnier moisturizer or cleanser (exp. 11/1/11)

* Better Home and Gardens:
Between pages 64 and 65 – Save $5 when you spend $25 at True Value (exp. 7/9/11)
Page 107 – Save $10 when you buy any Comfort Zone product (exp. 12/31/11)
Page 109 – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE at Ruby Tuesday (exp. 7/19/11)
Page 116 – Save $1 on 1 bottle of Domino Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar (exp. 7/31/11)

(Thanks, Super Savin' Momma!)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Newest Hobby- Couponing!

Even though I have considered myself to be frugal for years, I never have been very consistent about using coupons. Then recently, one of my husband Dave's co-workers gave me her super nice coupon binder. That was the nudge I needed to get organized! Now, I can find all of my coupons and coordinate them with the weekly store flyers! I found these really nice and Freecoupon binder dividers and table of contents thanks to a friend online that I met on at So, I printed out the table of contents and dividers for my binder, and now I can actually use my coupons before they expire! And thank you Jenny at! She posts all of my favorite stores weekly deals and matches them up with coupons for maximum savings! I am getting all of the items that I use for a fraction of the cost. I also enjoy watching TLCs Extreme Couponing, but I try to be realistic in my approach. I never hoard my findings. A nice lady at a couponing class at our local public library mentioned that sales run in six week cycles, so you really don't need to buy more than your family will use in six weeks.
Just for fun, here is a picture of just a few of the products I have been blessed with for free or for pennies recently. Not only that, some of the stores actually PAID ME to take some of the products home to use or donate. Nice!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scenic Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain, located in southeastern Tennessee and Northwest Georgia, is well-known in the south for breathtaking natural attractions, as well as the mountain’s historical and fun sight-seeing attractions. I have lived in the Lookout Mountain area for over eleven years, and I still enjoy exploring and discovering the amazing creation of this glorious mountain.
Rock City
A popular location for hikers to explore since the 1800’s, with incredible large rock formations, Rock City is one infamous, albeit weird attraction that you will not soon forget.
Looking down from top of one of Rock City’s many features, Lover’s Leap, you can take in one of the many beautiful views from the heights of Lookout Mountain. If you can make it to Rock City on a clear day, you can even see seven states from Lover’s Leap; Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.
Other highlights of Rock City, just to name a few, include the birds of prey shows, Big Rock Grill and the Fairyland Caverns. And I can’t forget the Fat Man’s Squeeze. Which is basically two gigantic rocks in close proximity that form a narrow passage way. Rock City also hosts special events and festivals year round including; the Enchanted corn Maize, the Enchanted Garden of Lights, Rocktoberfest, and Shamrock City. We started a family tradition when my kids were toddlers to go to the Garden of lights at Rock City during the Christmas season. Rock City is located only 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga, TN, so if you have a chance to visit Lookout Mountain, this would be worth a visit. For more information please visit the website
The Incline Railway
It would be difficult to recommend sightseeing on Lookout Mountain without mentioning the Incline Railway. You probably remember the popular American song “Chattanooga Choo Choo”. Anyone visiting the area will be thrilled to encounter Chattanooga, TN and all of the area historical train landmarks. The Incline Railway is the world’s steepest passenger railway, which begins in historical St. Elmo at the foot of Lookout Mountain and travels up the incline of the side of the mountain, has been in operation since 1895. This is one attraction that any young family with budding train engineers should not be missed. For more information please visit
Lookout Mountain Flight Park
One of my dreams has always been to be able to fly. Luckily, just around the corner from my house on Lookout Mountain is the Lookout Mountain hang gliding school, which claims to be America’s #1 Hang Gliding school. This is likely due to the fact that the Lookout Mountain Flight Park has trained more pilots than any other hang gliding school in the United States. Students begin learning on solid ground and then work up to taking the Hang Gliders for a ride off of the top of Lookout Mountain. Even if you are not willing to take the flight, just parking and watching the hang gliders take off is an experience not to be missed. Please visit for more information.
Cloudland Canyon State Park
Closer to my home and therefore closer to my heart, is the visually stunning Cloudland Canyon State Park. Have you ever witnessed a hidden waterfall, like the kind from fairytales? The waterfalls at Cloudland are unlike any you have ever seen. Nestled deep within the Canyon, you hike a good distance down the trail to witness the beauty of nature. I should mention that swimming and wading in the water is not allowed for safety reasons, otherwise you may have some disappointed visitors looking to cool off deep in the gorge. I recommend visiting on a slightly rainy summer’s day. The cool mist coming down in the canyon is so refreshing.
If I had the time to hike daily, I would love to spend more of my days at Cloudland Canyon.
For more information on Cloudland Canyon State Park, please visit this website
Part of Lookout Mountain has been named Fairyland, and the entire mountain resembles something out of a J.R.R. Tolkien (the author of the Lord of The Rings series) book. Driving around the area, some of the houses even leave you with the feeling that a hobbit could step out of the door and onto the front porch. If you want to escape the hectic pace of life, then come and experience the other-worldly beauty on Lookout Mountain.