Thursday, March 26, 2009

Total lack of Post-age

So sorry for my lack of posts. I am still playing that "I just had a baby" card. But new photos and updates are coming this weekend. In the meantime, as a teazer, here is a little bit of WilburWisdom for you.

It has been very rainy this week, so when will was outside jumping on the trampoline with his good friends Jack-Jack Attack and Drake the Snake, he came indoors soaking wet. When I noticed dirty water dripping out of his left ear, I asked him if we needed to dry that ear of his out.

Wilbur said, "Nope. It's going to drain out of my other ear. Cause that's what happens when water gets in here," he says, pointing at his left ear, "it comes out here," points at his right ear.


Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Ew. :)

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Shelly said...

thanks, Moriah :)