Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You for being You, Aunt Terri!

My Aunt Terri wrote a blog about painting my bedroom when I was growing up. You can read it here. Here is my response to her creativity.

I will never forget how you came up with the idea to paint my room in daisies. That is definatly one of my most favorite childhood memories:) I loved it when you let me help pick the color and design the sponge stamps. I have always been inspired by your creativity- and you always made it easy. From giving me my first journal, to inspiring me to write my first young authors story (which I won first place the year after)to telling me and my little sisters (when we were itty-bitty), or atually dramatically reinacting, famous children's stories, like Goldilocks! Thank you for all your inspiration, Aunt Terri!

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Terri :o) said...

I was a bit confused when I logged on to your blog seeing my picture! This has been fun!!! Love ya! Terri