Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to Poor Pancake Syrup 101

Okay, this is a class I need to take next fall. Yesterday morning I attempted to poor hot just then homemade syrup from a resteraunt style pourer when the metal handle thingy popped right off. Thankfully, the glass bottom only fell on a plate, so ther wasn't any broken glass involved in the chaos that was(is) my kitchen. However, syrup landed everywhere- the countertop, my hair, my clothes, but mostly all over the floor. Wait-it gets better. Then my 2 yo son runs in, fully clothed. He slips in the mess, lands on his rear and looks at me with a quiet fear. His face had a "she's gonna snap if I scream so I better not make a peep" expression. So, I spent all morning cleaning syrup off of everything. Wow is that stuff sticky. Maybe I should just "stick" with the secure-lidded,plastic-bottled, store-bought variety of the pancake syrup.

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