Monday, July 6, 2009

My Little Miracles Monday

With the constant response of shock, disapproval, and discouraging comments that I often times receive when some see me out and about with ALL FIVE of my children (yes, we are figuring out how this happens, thank you very much)- I thought it would be fitting to give them my gentle answer in a blog dedicated to all of new baby's in our lives.

This is dedicated to Heather, Tiffany, Stephanie, Ashleigh, Moriah, Katie, Sarah H, and Sarah C, and all of my other dear mommy friends with new little blessings from God (and those due to make their debut soon).

this is a photo of Henry trying to nurse his crib bumper pad :)

my little miracle

Welcome to the world
of smiles and hugs...
when tucked into bed
or cuddled in rugs.
Enjoy warm sunshine
and feel soft rain.
Look for a rainbow
when the sun shines again.
Gaze at the stars
and watch the moon rise.
Each day there are miracles
in front of our eyes.
Dance to the music
and sing like the birds.
Let stories and books
bring the magic of words.
Enjoy friendship and
your whole life through,
and the love that we feel
as we welcome you.

-J. Beck and J. Croydon


Ashleigh said...

Thank you! I needed that- and I am pretty sure that in a decade (or less) I'll be getting those comments too. Take heart dear friend- we are not to please the ones of this world- but we must fear him who is above!! Did you get my email about the dipes??

Stephanie said...

Thank you! I have been struggling with #4. I get the same comments. Oh and the looks but oh well. I am at least happy all my kids have come into a loving home that includes a mom and a dad that are happily married. I know what I am on this earth to accomplish and know that one of my callings is to be a mom. I am just doing my best and will keep trying to better myself and my childrens lives. I know that you are doing the same!