Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Review of Bumbo Baby Sitter

One Step Ahead

As soon as baby can hold her head up, she can sit up! This ingenious infant seat supports her back and torso, while the passive restraint prevents slipping. (Watch out for imitations: they're just not as stable or sturdy.) Cushy, non-skid foam; supports 9-22 lbs. Parents rave about this product...

Bumbo Not For Everyone

Shellyluwho GA 7/18/2009


3 5

Gift: No

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Didn't work for us

Best Uses: Extra hand

Describe Yourself: Parent of 5 children

We used the product when baby was 6 weeks old on through 4 months. It was great for the earlier weeks, but not so much for my very mobile 4 month old, who could arch his back and get out of the seat! I would recommend this to parents, but with a caution of keeping a good eye on baby at all times!


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